Who we are or about us:

Brands Original is an online store that specializes in the world of fashion. It combines the splendor of products, the ease of ordering, the speed of delivery, and customer service in a way that achieves the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. In turn, we strive to contribute to the upgrading and progress in the Egyptian clothing and fashion industry, and keeping up with the latest and most important fashion and high-end international fashion.

Our vision and goal: - We want from our experience to achieve excellence and leadership in online shopping, and build on it directions towards the best path and a clear vision for the future, and a society that seeks to achieve dreams and aspirations, and takes into account the diversity and different tastes with distinction and creativity.

Our values: The spirit of beauty and elegance dominates our hearts and passions, driven by the desire to add a charming touch that has a special luster that is reflected in the appearance of every person that expresses his passion, life and ideas, and we believe that appearance is the fastest and easiest way to do so.

Our story: Every day has a different story, and our story begins with you, because your day is our story and our concern, and the wonderful story begins with choosing your appearance to express your identity and ideas to others, and the passion and ambition you feel, narrate it to us with your own taste, to live a life full of happiness and stories for the better, Where the wonderful and inspiring, whose value and spirit derive from you, our happiness in serving you and your satisfaction is our goal, so that we can walk together in multiple destinations and one path that brings us together.